Massage du dos

back massage (30 min)

Therapeutic massage technique that aims at reducing back pain and also reducing stress.

With natural oils, the therapist performs for 30 minutes a massage depending on the diagnosis.

The expected result is the disappearance of pain accompanied by a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Whole body and harmonizing massage (1h)

Therapeutic massage technique, performed with natural oils.

For 1 hour, the therapist carries out a harmonizing massage depending on the diagnosis.

The expected benefits are deep relaxation and a feeling of harmony between body and mind.

Massage global et harmonisant
Massage Thaï-yoga

Thaï massage (1h30)

Dynamic therapeutic massage technique of the body that combines massage and yoga.

This is done on the floor or a table and the patient is well placed in comfortable clothes. The practitioner combines pressure on energy lines and dynamic yoga postures.

The expected benefits are the relief of pain and muscular tension, the improvement of circulation and metabolism, the balance of energies in the body as well as a state of mental calmness. On the psychological level, there is an improvement of self-confidence and self-awareness and well-being.

Seated massage (30 min)

Therapeutic massage technique on a chair. The patient is seated in a specific chair and receives a massage at the back, neck, shoulders and arms.

Thanks to gentle and deep pressure, the seated massage helps eliminate muscle tension, stress and energy blockages.

The benefits are a deep state of relaxation, good concentration and improved self-awareness.

At the medical center 33 and at office.

Massage Assis